Life is a chess match. Every decision that you make has a consequence to it.

Edition 27

Choices and Decisions!

“Life is a chess match. Every decision that you make has a consequence to it.

– P.K. Subban

Another social media platform was thrown onto our faces the last week.

By none other than “Meta” and Zuckerberg!

They chose to call it “Thread”!

The app saw more than 30 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its launch.

Thread is a copy of Twitter and I am also hearing that it was built by the engineers who were fired from Twitter after Elon took over.

Looking at the way people jumped onto it, I am sure that a few of you too might have joined it.

And if you are into any form of content creation and content marketing, then you are presented with another platform to promote your content.

The next few months and years are going to be full of anxiety –

  1. You will be counting your followers on this new platform
  2. You will be struggling to figure out what type of content to create for this platform
  3. You will struggle to find time to engage with your audience in one more social media app because that’s what the social media GURUs want you to do

Now, even if you are not a creator, there is a 90% chance that somebody told you about the new social media app and you too jumped into it.

The fact that you might not even be using it after 8 months is a different thing altogether.

But imagine the stress, the anxiety, and the wasted precious time!

Zuckerberg has managed to trap all of us in this hamster wheel and we all seem okay with it too.

Imagine one man controlling more than 75% of social media worldwide!

A few months back I was asked by one of my followers as to why I continue to write blog posts.

The answer is simple!

Because I didn’t want to hand over my future to a “Zuckerberg”.

Have you imagined the amount of content you generate for these social media apps?

They survive on this content, yet you don’t get a single penny as remuneration.

That aside, the worst part is that almost all of this content is last in a year’s time. In fact, even you won’t be going back and looking at it after a year, let alone being able to search and find what you shared.

Why would you waste all of that effort?

Compare that to blogging.

I have my content stored on my own servers with a backup on two other servers. I continuously go back and review my old posts and content so that I can update them with the latest trends.

I control that content and I get paid for all of the promotions, ads, and marketing I do for that piece of content.

And I feel no anxiety about –

  1. the number of followers
  2. what to share for virality
  3. and a change in algorithm

I don’t mean to scare you or, ask you not to be on social media.

Be there.

But decide wisely on how much time you are spending there and if it is even worth it!

And if you are sharing your own piece of content, then do it on a blog or, a podcast!

Remember, you always have a choice. You will in fact, always be presented with multiple choices. None of them will be bad.

But what you decide to choose is what will make it good or, bad.

So decide wisely!

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Found on the internet

Here’s what I found on the internet this week.

We are all amazing planners. We make so many plans for the day, the month, and the year. But how many of those do we go and implement.

I had this really bad habit of planning. But this thread that I found on Twitter, changed that for me!

We all look at things the incorrect way and decide if it is right or, wrong. A slight change in mindset can change your opinion about things.

This tweet presents that in such a simple way with a context to podcasting!

What am I reading?

I seem to have slowed down on my reading habit. I would usually finish off a book in about a week, but this time around it is taking longer.

I am into the last part of “Building a second brain”. Once I am done with it, I will create a review of the book!

If you still haven’t ordered it, do it today. It is one investment you won’t regret.

This week’s book recommendation is one of my favorites that I will be re-reading this year as part of my re-reading plans.

It is “The Almanac of Naval Ravikant“.

That’s it for this week!

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