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  about me 

Hi, I'm Dilip!

I am a podcaster, blogger and affiliate marketer, who has been in the content marketing business for more than 17 years.

I run a 6-figure affiliate marketing business without the usual hype and hallaboo!

I have preferred to be a quiet marketer all these years, until I took up podcasting which changed me and my personality.

I can show you a trick or, two in content marketing that you wouldn't commonly hear about!

Join me today and let's start learning together!

What is "The Loudspeaker"?

The Loudspeaker is a Weekly Newsletter that will help you "Enjoy the Process" of Content Creation.

All said and done, LIFE as a Content Creator can be difficult.

A lot of times you will find yourself lonely out there. Stuck with monotony and indecisiveness!

A little help at those times can go a long way and help you "STAY SANE" and "ENJOY THE PROCESS" of content creation!

Sent weekly, "The LOUDSPEAKER" is an attempt to do just that.

And so that it doesn't become an unwanted guest in your inbox, I keep it very simple.

Here's what you get - 

  • A 500-600 word essay covering one core principle/tip/advice in content marketing that will help you overcome overwhelm, monotony and loneliness as a content creator!
  • 1 book recommendation based on what I am reading!
  • A couple of content creation tips from something I found online!
  • and that's it!

And, all that with a slight leaning towards AUDIO CONTENT!

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