The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size

open mindedness

Breaking Stereotypes!

The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.

– Albert Einstein

The possibilities are endless!

But are we prepared to explore?

My first encounter with Podcasting was long back in 2010 when I saw something called “audio blogs” on a blog that I was following.

The first question that I asked myself was, why would somebody listen to an audio especially when it is one person continuously talking for about 15 minutes and will it even survive in a world full of textual blogs?

But, since I personally loved that concept, I adopted it and released my first episode after about a year.

I struggled with tech, no support system, and poor audience reception.

Eventually, I quit after about 18 months and 52 episodes.

But I learned a lot of things in that journey.

Einstein was right when he said that a mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.

Mine too, didn’t.

To a great extent that is what helped me build my affiliate marketing business to where it is today and also grow the two podcasts that we are running to where it is now.

And it is this very point that a lot of the aspiring creators today lack – open-mindedness.

Take, for example, podcasting in India.

I am not very comfortable with the way we are stereotyping podcasting today.

For us, Podcasting means – interviews, sponsorships, millions of downloads, etc.

So a show that gets a few thousand downloads is a failure according to our standards. We don’t even consider that podcaster a success story.

But if you changed your perspective and looked at it as 10,000 listeners who voluntarily listened to the episode, then that’s an achievement.

Similarly, podcasting isn’t always about interviews. Monologues too work really well, especially with educational podcasts, and are one of the best ways of sharing information.

The first dollar that I earned from my show, “The Podcasting University” was when it had only about 1200 downloads. I am sure a lot of new podcasters wouldn’t even imagine making a single cent if they had only about 1000 downloads.

Wondering how I did that?

It was through affiliate marketing.

A simple recommendation I made on the show, led to somebody making a purchase and I, earned an affiliate commission of about $106.

The funnier part!

I still earn a commission every year from that sale because it was a subscription product and the buyer continues to use it and renew it every year.

But when I talk about affiliate marketing to any podcaster, they respond as if I was making a passing comment.

Only if they had opened their minds and looked at all the other possibilities of making money from their show, most shows would have at least earned the money they were spending on hosting and other expenses.

The, last week I released an episode about affiliate marketing and how you can incorporate it into your podcast. You can listen to the episode to learn some of the basics of using affiliate marketing for podcasts.

Coming back to my point.

If you are being limited to something and you are unable to achieve what you have always to, then ask yourself this question –

“Have you opened to mind to look at all of the alternate routes available?”

You are probably missing something because your mind isn’t open yet!

Open your mind and look at things from a different perspective.

Open your mind and look for different perspectives.

You will be amazed at the opportunities.

Break stereotypes and do something that nobody else has done!

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Found on the internet

Here’s what I found on the internet this week.

I hear a lot of people looking for dream jobs but struggling in their unhappy jobs.


Because you want your dream jobs to come to you. Instead, go look out for your dream job, and don’t stop until you have got it.

There is no reason why you won’t find your dream job.

This Twitter thread puts it so nicely that I had to save it.

Since we are talking about perspectives, it made sense to share this LinkedIn post. Sahil is a creator I have been following for long and all of his posts have so much knowledge in them.

This post talks about the importance of changing perspectives.

What am I reading?

I picked up my latest book from Amazon the last week.

It is “Don’t say Yes when You want to say No” by Herbert Fernsterheim.

The book is simply amazing.

I have always felt that we creators need to learn to say “No”, which unfortunately isn’t something that we have mastered.

Anyways, do try to pick this book up. I am sure you will love it.

herbert fensterheim

That’s it for this week!

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