To be or, Not to Be is the Question!

Audio and it’s Wicked Cousin!

I absolutely love conspiracy theories, not because I think it has a likelihood of being true. Instead, because of the thrill and masala it brings with it.

But, then I wouldn’t be lying if I say that I do believe that every conspiracy theory brings with it an element of a “possible truth”!

So, why talk about conspiracy theories?

Well, a few months back there were these articles that suddenly popped up asking podcasters to diversify into video podcasting too. (aha! Youtube.. you mean?)

Yeah! And people started posting their hour long podcasts onto Youtube… Meh!

(Don’t quote me that it could just be YouTube’s conspiracy when they saw the podcasting graph going like this one)

Hey Dilip! Me too.. am also doing it… (I hear that voice)


Let me try sharing some wisdom – after all the question is “to be or, not to be”.

Apple Podcasts, when it used to be iTunes has a complete section for Video Podcasts on the top menu bar. There were people who were creating video podcasts, for that matter.

But gradually, as they did a makeover and became Apple Podcasts, the entire option of “Video” podcasts was discarded.

Why would they do it?

Remember! Apple podcast is still the largest platform for Podcasts listing and consumption.

If they did that, what exactly does it mean.

Simple! Video podcasts did not work.

Ask yourself these questions –

  • What’s the biggest advantage that Podcasting has which has made it so popular?

  • Will you be willing to sit in front of your computer and watch two people (that too, on poor cameras with an obviously misaligned audio) talking.. and that too for an hour or, sometime even more than that?

Nah! not me, at least.

So how was Joe Rogan getting that kind of an audience on Youtube?

Well, firstly we aren’t Joe Rogan and secondly we do not get that kind of a celebrity audience on our shows.

So what does all this mean?

In a sentence, it means that you shouldn’t be taking the pain to edit your videos and publishing that on YouTube.

Then, what’s the better way out.

Hmm! If you really want to branch out into video, here are 3 things I would suggest –

  • Provide additional value to your readers in the form of video. Like extra tips, extra conversations not included in the audio format etc.

  • Pick specific snippets from the conversation to entice your audience on Youtube to listen to the entire episode.

  • And most of all, create a visual appeal around it. Create an engaging video background to go with whatever you are publishing.

That looks like a lot time consuming.

Yeah! Content creation is about putting in the effort. So, if you want to do video then there is an additional effort required.

Else, stay with the cousin that video has started hating these days!

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Noteworthy Podcasts

This is a new section that I am introducing starting this edition. The attempt is to recognize the effort put in by podcasters, managing the many things in life and yet ensuring that they put out that content for every one of their listeners out there.

You can call it spotlight if you wish (who knows, I might just rephrase this section).

Here’s the first of these –

Show Name: Wominspiria

Why should one listen to it: Relatable, Real life stories and gives you the right motivation with loads of reality as narrated by the guest.

What keeps me motivated: The promise I made to myself while starting the podcast, that, no matter what the circumstances be, someone somewhere needs an inspiration for the day, and since I have taken the task in my hands, I never ever should give up on it.

You can connect with Revathi, the host of the show on her Instagram!

Have a question?

I like questions and I like brainstorming to find the answers to these, even more.

So if you have a question that you would like me to answer, just hit reply and send it to me. I would answer them in the Next edition.

And if you have a suggestion of what you would like to see included in these, that’s welcome too..

Waiting for ya, Shakespeareeeeeeeeee!

That’s it for this one.. Sayonara!

Dilip (shake-less speare) Kumar

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Dilip is a Podcaster, Blogger, and Affiliate Marketer. He hosts the show, "The Podcasting University" among others and is a content marketing fanatic!

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