You can change all things for the better..!

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset!

You can change all things for the better when you change yourself for the better.

Jim Rohn

Sometimes kids teach us more than one lessons and if we can keep our eyes and ears open when we speak to them, there is a lot that we can learn.

My daughter isn’t normally the “tantrums” kind.

She is the kind that will make-do with whatever is being given to her. And if asks for something and if we feel that she doesn’t need it and are able to explain it to her, she understands and will move on.

But that day was a slightly different one.

Her school friends had gone on a school trip to a place where they make wooden toys and handicrafts. She wasn’t well and hence she couldn’t join them on that day.

She had requested that we take here there when she has recovered and we agreed!

It was almost 3 months that this discussion had happened.

That day she came to me and said, “Dad, when you are taking me to Channapatna?”

I was working and without lifting my head, I responded, “Will go there one day, kiddo!”

She was annoyed that I wasn’t look at her.

With annoyance in her voice, she responded, “Why is it one day? What can’t it be Today?”

Do you see the lesson in that statement?

It took me a few minutes to digest it. As she walked away, I asked myself, “Why are the most important things put off to “one day”? Should it be done today?”

It is precisely this that leads to procrastination – mindset!

The mindset to do it right now.

Replacing it with “today” changes your entire approach!

  • Immediate Action: “Today” is actionable. It’s a commitment to start now, not someday in the future.
  • Focus: It narrows your vast future into a single point—now. This focus is powerful.
  • Progress: Each “today” builds on the last, creating momentum and measurable progress.

So, here’s my challenge to you: Take one thing you’ve been putting off with “one day” and start it today.

It could be as simple as – reading that book – calling that mentor – drafting that business plan or, – starting that podcast

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