When you try to be everything, you wind up being nothing – Al Ries

The art of positioning

Pepsi or, Coke?

What’s your favorite drink?

Funny question. Isn’t it?

Especially when you think about the fact that both are pretty much the same product, contain the same components, and are made using the same process.

And both are aerated drinks!

Now try to reason this fact out to a fan of either of these and you will end up being the reason for a World War. Such is the fan base for these products!

Ever wondered why these fans are so loyal?

Why do people swear by either of these?

Loyalty isn’t uncommon among consumers.

Everyone has a loyal brand and is loyal to this particular brand – Pepsodent, Colgate, Close-up, etc.

But is it because of the quality it offers?

Not necessarily!

More often than not, it has got nothing to do with what the product is or, the quality it offers.

Rather, it has got to do with the experience that it gives the users or, the perception of the experience that the users get.

It is all about how the product is being marketed.

These brands ensure that they give their intended users a view of the experience that they would get if they use their product.

And that’s how people relate to it and they becomes fans.

One of the biggest reasons why content marketing fails is poor positioning.

I have read extremely good blogs that failed to do anything after publishing awesome content for 2-3 years.

Just do a quick search on Apple Podcasts and you will find some of the podcasts that have some awesome content but stopped releasing any episodes after about 50-55 episodes.

They are in fact, already ranking on the search results, yet not publishing any episodes. Such a waste of the free mileage they are getting.

The reason is simple.

Poor positioning of their show.

Listen to any of the episodes and you will find that the host spends about few minutes talking about the show and about himself/herself. But nothing about how the listener will benefit from it.

As a listener, am I really interested in knowing who the podcast host is?

Not really!

I am not ready to spend a few minutes just to hear somebody bragging about their podcasting rights.

I am interested in learning about how I will benefit from that particular episode. Why should I listen to you and your show?

Explain it to me in the first 2-3 minutes and I will listen to the entire episode.

If not, I will find another one to tune into.

The result – Good content is wasted.

For a podcast to succeed or, for that matter, for any form of content marketing to succeed you don’t need listeners or, readers.

Instead you need fans!

Do you want your listeners and readers to become fans of your content?

Then, don’t tell them what your content is all about. Instead speak to them about what they get.

Speak to them about the experience and they will become your fans for life.

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Picking the wrong podcast host can prove to be costlier than you would have imagined.

I published a thread on the 7 things to keep in mind when picking a podcast host. You can read it here!

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News that will interest You:

  • Spotify has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the past few days. First they went on to relaunch the Spotify Originals without their original hosts which I think is cheating. Then they went onto layoff some of their employees quoting low listenerships on some of their productions. The question is – Did they bite more than they can chew?
  • The international Women’s Podcasters Awards celebrating the achievements on women in podcasting, were declared and some excellent show hosts won some of the awards. You can find the full list here!

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It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” ~ Andy Crestodina

Recommended Reading

  1. Eat that Frog – This book by Brian Tracy is a must read if you have even the slightest habit of procrastination. He explains in an extremely easy, simple and consumable way – how to get rid of procrastination, prioritize your activities and get more done.
  2. The courage to be disliked – This book by Ichiro Kichimi is about self-love and how to make yourself a better version of yourself based on a proven Japanese practices.

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